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Kenneth Cooper, MD (taped interview)

Updated June 2, 2014

Kenneth Cooper, MD

In this 1991 interview, Dr. McDougall talks with Kenneth Cooper, MD, founder and director of Texas’ Cooper Clinic. Cooper’s philosophy is that it’s much cheaper and effective to maintain good health than to regain it once it’s lost. To this point, Cooper believes that being examined when we don’t feel sick is an important key to overall wellness. “It is safe to assume that men in the U.S. who are between 20-25 years old already have some level of coronary heart disease,” he says. Cooper follows four steps in his practice: evaluation; education and motivation; implementation; and re-evaluation. He notes that a stress test and cancer screening test are two of the most important evaluations one can have toward prolonging life. To date, Cooper is the author of 19 best-selling books, many emphasizing how aerobic exercise and diet work hand-in-hand.

Note: This taped interview from “Your Good Health” (12/10/91), hosted by Dr. McDougall has been edited. Any contact information provided during the interviews should be confirmed first since it may have changed since the original taping.

Download Kenneth Cooper, MD (taped interview) – Duration: 42:09