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John McDougall MD (lecture)

Updated June 2, 2014

John McDougall MD

In this May 2007 lecture at the Health and Wellness Expo in Templeton, California, Dr. McDougall discusses how the composition of the food we eat determines our health. Not unlike quitting smoking or drinking, if people discontinue their unhealthy eating habits, they will get better. Being sick has become the norm nowadays, with fully three-quarters of medical costs being spent on the treatment of chronic disease. “It’s wasted money, let’s put it toward prevention,” says Dr. McDougall, who notes that populations consuming plant-based diets rich in complex carbohydrates (rice, corn, potatoes), such as in Peru, Japan and New Guinea, are hearty, trim, and young looking (much like the U.S. population was 100 years ago). Dr. McDougall also answers questions from the audience and shares inspiring stories of Star McDougallers who have found their way back from debilitating disease to great health.

Download John McDougall MD (lecture) – Duration: 103:49