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John McDougall MD (taped interview)

Updated June 2, 2014

John McDougall MD

In this interview with KPFT’s Janice Blue, the host of “Go Vegan Texas,” Dr. McDougall comments on the May 21, 2007 New York Times opinion article (“Death by Veganism” by Nina Planck) about a six-week-old baby whose death was attributed to a vegan diet. Dr. McDougall submitted a rebuttal letter to the Times (see the May 2007 McDougall Newsletter) addressing the many errors in Ms. Planck’s piece, including the true sources of protein, essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. In this interview, Dr. McDougall discusses why he feels “Planck did us a favor” by putting her opinion out there. “This has gotten people’s attention, and gotten them to talk about the truth,” says Dr. McDougall, who notes that the politics around food generally make intelligent debate difficult.

Download John McDougall MD (taped interview) – Duration: 41:42