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With a heavy heart, we share the news of Dr. John McDougall’s passing. A visionary physician and author, beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, mentor and friend, Dr. McDougall died peacefully at his home on Saturday, June 22nd, at the age of 77.

Greg Miller, Ph.D. (taped interview)

Updated June 2, 2014

Greg Miller, Ph.D.

In this lively 1993 interview, Dr. McDougall talks with National Dairy Council spokesperson Greg Miller, who holds a Ph.D. in nutrition, and at the time of this interview was vice president of nutrition research and technical services. Despite research pointing to dairy’s role in inhibiting the absorption of certain minerals (such as calcium and iron) and contributing high amounts of cholesterol and fat (that can lead to obesity, heart disease and stroke), Miller staunchly defends dairy products as safe, wholesome and nutrient-rich foods that are an important part of a well-rounded diet. Miller explains that we should not look at just one food (such as dairy) when searching for connections to our modern day ailments, but should instead look at the overall balance and variety of our diet. Also discussed are the viruses (such as leukemia and AIDS) and infections (such as E. coli, salmonella, staph, and tuberculosis) carried by cattle, and how they may affect the health of people who regularly consume dairy products.

Note: This is a taped interview from “Your Good Health” (8/5/93), hosted by Dr. McDougall.

Download Greg Miller, Ph.D. (taped interview) – Duration: 35:16