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With a heavy heart, we share the news of Dr. John McDougall’s passing. A visionary physician and author, beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, mentor and friend, Dr. McDougall died peacefully at his home on Saturday, June 22nd, at the age of 77.

Allan Cunningham MD (taped interview)

Updated June 2, 2014

Dr. Allan Cunningham, a pediatrician and expert on infant feeding, discusses the importance of breast-feeding over formula-feeding. He notes that babies who are breast-fed have fewer illnesses, especially in the first year of life, and have fewer cases of ear infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, and type I diabetes. Dr. Cunningham adds that crib death has also been found to be much higher among formula-fed babies (likely due to viral respiratory infections). “There are no downsides to breast-feeding,” says Cunningham, who advises mothers to nurse for at least the first nine months. Given all the evidence against formula-feeding, Dr. McDougall and Dr. Cunningham also discuss in this 1992 interview the reasons why it continues to be such common practice.

Note: This taped interview from “Your Good Health” (4/23/92), hosted by Dr. McDougall has been edited. Any contact information provided during the interviews should be confirmed first since it may have changed since the original taping.

Download Allan Cunningham MD (taped interview) – Duration: 41:04