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Wes Youngberg, PhD, Author of: Goodbye Diabetes

Updated October 18, 2013

Advanced Study Weekend Interview

Wes Youngberg, PhD is the author of: Goodbye Diabetes

Wes Youngberg, PhD was a recent guest speaker at the McDougall Advanced Study Weekend in Santa Rosa, CA.

He is a practicing clinical nutritionist and lifestyle medicine specialist in Southern California. He serves as assistant clinical professor for the Department of Preventive Medicine at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. He spent 14 years on Guam researching the diabetes epidemic on the Micronesian islands of the Western Pacific. Dr. Youngberg has over 20 years of experience using integrative therapies for diabetes control, depression recovery, cardiovascular disease reversal, optimizing digestive health and effective management of many chronic health conditions. His new book Goodbye Diabetes is dedicated to all who are willing to do what it takes to reverse disease.