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John McDougall, MD: Announcement of Retirement

Updated June 1, 2018


John McDougall, MD

I am announcing that I no longer will be seeing patients in a professional medical manner. After half a century of my life being dedicated to the medical care of people as their general physician, I am retiring.

I have moved on to working with more legislation, healthcare systems, and education projects.

My past and present work will be available (mostly without charge) through my website.

As many of you know, Heather McDougall became CEO of the McDougall Program over 5 years ago. She leads a loyal and talented staff of professionals: Anthony Lim, MD, JD, Jeff Novick, MS, RD, LDN, Doug Lisle, PhD and Tiffany Hobson, Operations Manager.

The same principles of diet and food preparation are being used as in the past. The medical staff remains dedicated to helping you eliminate all unnecessary medications and avoid harmful procedures.

Mary and I will continue to oversee the entire business with Heather. Her dedication to the McDougall Program, as ours, will never waver. I will still make appearances in Santa Rosa at 3-day and 10-day Programs. As always, I will be checking daily on the work of my lifetime: The McDougall Program — Where people continue to regain their lost health and personal appearances.

Thank you for your continued support over the years.

Best of Health,
John McDougall, MD