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Dr. McDougall’s Dietary Therapy

An Online Course for Reversing Common Diseases

Introduction to Dr. McDougall’s Dietary Therapy

HIGHLIGHTS: Dr. McDougall’s Dietary Therapy: An Online Course for Reversing Common Diseases


John McDougall, MD shares four decades of clinical experiences and a century of scientific research during these lectures. His prescription is usually curative, simple, cost-free, and side effect-free.

Lectures by John McDougall, MD

  1. 1. Introduction: History of the McDougall Program
  2. 2. The Color Picture Book on Food Poisoning
  3. 3. Obesity and the Maximum Weight Loss Program
  4. 4. Reversing Heart Disease and Atherosclerosis
  5. 5. Diet, Drugs, and Type-2 Diabetes
  6. 6. The Intestine from Halitosis to Hemorrhoids
  7. 7. Autoimmune Diseases: Arthritis to Multiple Sclerosis
  8. 8. Dietary Diseases in Pregnancy and Children
  9. 9. Diet in the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
  10. 10. Physician’s Adjustments of Patient’s Medications


Everyone is invited to take this course!

This Internet conference is targeted to registered nurses and all healthcare professionals having an interest in knowledge-based medicine and a desire to learn how to implement diet-therapy in their practices or other healthcare settings.  However, non-professionals will also find the knowledge gained of tremendous value for self, family, and friends.  Continuing education credits are only for professionals.

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Student Discount Available for Healthcare Fields

A discount is available for currently enrolled students working towards obtaining a degree in a field of professional healthcare training (medical, dietetic, chiropractor, nursing, etc.) from an accredited institution approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Apply for a student discount by writing to Include proof of student status, such as an unofficial copy of your current transcript and/or an official letter from your school stating you are a current student in good standing.

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