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Acceptable Canned and Packaged Foods

Congratulations on completing the Free McDougall Program. You are now empowered with the tools you need to return to vibrant health. Remember to keep it simple with a few of your favorite dishes and take advantage of the convenience of ready-made foods.

Below is our updated list of Canned and Packaged Foods that can be used on the McDougall Program. Criteria include no animal products, limited soy protein, little or no added oils, and a minimum of additives and refining. Always check the list of ingredients before purchasing any products. Ingredients may change, such as added oil to a product that previously was compliant. The list is far from complete; we invite you to offer suggestions for future updates and check back periodically for new additions.

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Milk Substitutes (Rich)

Soy Milk
Silk Unsweetened

Almond Milks
Almond Breeze Unsweetened
Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla
Silk Unsweetened
Silk Unsweetened Vanilla

Oat Milk

Cashew Milk
Silk Unsweetened

Note: These are only a few of the choices we like. You will find these products at most large grocery stores. The important things to note about why we chose these products, that you should look for in other milk substitutes, is that they have no added sugars, are low in fat, and have minimal ingredients.

Jellies, Jams & Syrups

Fruit Spreads

Pure Maple Syrup

Aunt Patty’s
Brown Rice Syrup

Canadian Farm
Fruit Spreads

The J.M. Smucker Co.
Smucker’s Simply Fruit; Red Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach, etc.,

Kozlowski Farms
Chutneys, Fruit Jams & Jellies

Lundberg Family Farms
Sweet Dreams Brown Rice Syrup

Many Manufactures
Pure Honey

All Fruit (jams)

Fruit Spreads

Shady Maple Farms
Maple Syrup

Sorrell Ridge Farm
Sorrell Ridge 100% Fruit Spreads

Spring Tree Corp.
Pure Maple Syrup

St. Dalfour
100% Fruit Jam

BBQ, Sauces & Ketchups

There are many Barbeque Sauces and Ketchup available that are compatible with the McDougall diet.  Please check labels carefully and choose those that are low in sugar & salt and avoid any with added oil.

Well Your World
BBQ Sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Asian Everything Sauce, Indian Everything Sauce, Pizza Sauce

Baking Ingredients

Aluminum Free Baking Powder

Arrowhead Mills
Assorted Flours (Organic, Unbleached, Sprouted, etc.)

Bob’s Red Mill
Egg Replacer, Aluminum Free Baking Powder, Unbleached Flour, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

Ener-G Foods
Egg Replacer, Aluminum Free Baking Powder

King Arthur
Unbleached Flours

Aluminum Free Baking Powder

Fat Free Cocoa Powder

Aluminum Free Baking Powder, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour


Fat Free Carmel Corn

Little Bear Organic Foods
Organic Microwave Popcorn, Light Organic Popcorn, no salt, no oil

Trader Joes
Fat Free Carmel Corn

Rice and Corn Cakes

Glenn Foods
Brown Rice Treat

Lundberg Family Farms
Rice Cakes; Wild Rice, Brown Rice, Mochi Sweet. Popcorn, Tamari with Seaweed, Sesame Tamari, Koku Sesame

Quaker Oats Co.
Rice Cakes; Lightly Salted & Salt Free

Real Foods
Corn Thins

Trader Joe’s
Mini Rice Cakes; Plain, Caramel Corn

Westbrae Natural Foods
Rice Cakes: Sesame Teriyaki, Double Sesame, Sesame Garlic


Bremner Food Group
Natural Ry-Krisp-Fat Free

Organic Plain Melba Toast

Edward & Sons
Baked Brown Rice Snaps

Finn Crisp
Thin Crisps

Hol Grain Crackers
Brown Rice

Kavli Norwegian Crispbread

Mary’s Gone Crackers
Original Seed Cracker, Caraway, Black Pepper, Herb, Onion (higher fat content)

Old London
JJ Flats Flatbread


San-J International
Brown Rice Crackers

Trader Joe’s
Oriental Rice Crackers, Savory Thin Mini Rice Crackers, Savory Thin Mini Multi-Seed Rice Crackers, Corn Tortilla Flat Breads

Venus Wafers, Inc.
Fat Free Crackers; Black Pepper, Garden Vegetable, Garlic & Herb, Multi Grain

Wasa Crispbread, Lite Rye, Hearty Rye, Sourdough Rye, Multi Grain

Westbrae Natural Foods
Brown Rice Crackers

Whole Foods Market/365
Woven Wheats

Yaya’s Raw Rah
Organic Krackers


J & J Snack Foods
Super Pretzels (frozen)

Newman’s Own Organics
Bavarian Fat Free Pretzels

Snyder’s of Handover
Sourdough Hard Pretzels, Sourdough Nibblers, Oat Bran Sticks

Wege Pretzel Co.
Hard Pretzels


Amber Farms
Carrot Pasta Wraps, Whole Wheat Pasta Wraps, Spinach Pasta Wraps

Breads for Life
Sprouted 7-Grain Bread, Sprouted Wheat with Raisin, Sprouted Rye Bread

Brother Juniper’s Bakery
Oil Free Breads; 100% Whole Wheat, Multi Grain

Burns & Ricker

Cedarlane Foods:
Fat Free Whole Wheat Tortillas, Whole Wheat Lavosh Bread

Food for Life
Ezekiel, Sprouted Grain Tortillas

French Meadow Bakery
French Meadow Brown Rice Bread

Garden of Eatin’, Inc.
Bible Bread-regular and salt free, Thin-Thin Bread, Swedish Rye, Pita Puffs

Mochi; Plain, Raisin, Cinnamon, Mugwort

Great Harvest Bread Co.
Great Harvest Bakery; Honey Whole Wheat, 9-Grain, Rye Onion Dill, Country White

Whole Wheat Panko Breadcrumbs

International Baking Co.
Mr. Pita

Lifestream Natural Foods
Essene Bread

Mountain Bread
Oil Free, Paper Thin, Wraps with only 3 or 4 ingredients. Comes in Barley, Corn, Oat, Organic Wheat Natural, Rice, Rye, Original White, Chia Seeds, Spelt

Nature’s Hilights, Inc.
Brown Rice Pizza Crust

Nature’s Path Foods
Manna Bread

Nokomis Farms
Country Loaf-Sourdough

Norganic Foods Co.
Katenbrot (Rye Bread)

Oasis Breads
Creative Crust Dinner Shells

Pacific Bakery
Ancient Wheat; Whole Grain Spelt Bread, Spelt Multi-Grain Bread, Whole Grain Spelt Cinnamon-Raisin Bread, Spelt White Cinnamon-Raisin Bread, Spelt White Multi-Grain with Flax Seeds, Whole Grain Rye Bread, Whole Grain Kamut Bread, Whole Grain Kamut Cinnamon-Raisin Bread, Kamut White Bread, Ancient Grains Bread, Ancient Wheat Bagels, Sourdough Multi-Grain Bread, yeast-Free Whole Wheat Bread, Whole Grain Millet, multi-Grain Bread with Flax Seeds

Plant Strong Foods
Whole Grain Pizza Crusts

Pure Grain Bakery
Pumpernickel, Gourmet Rye, and more

Crisp Breads

Snack Cracks
Pizza Crust-Organic Brown Rice

SoyNut Butter Co.
Tortilla Crumbs

Whole Foods
365 Organic Fat-Free Tortillas

Whole Kids Organic

Canned Tomato Products

No Salt Added Tomato Paste, No Salt Added Tomato Sauce, No Salt Added Stewed Tomatoes, No Salt Added Whole Tomatoes

Contadina Foods
Tomato Puree, Tomato Paste

Del Monte:
Tomato Sauce, Tomato Paste, Diced Tomatoes, Chunky Tomatoes, Stewed Tomatoes; Cajun Recipe, Mexican recipe, Italian Recipe, and Original Style Stewed Tomatoes with Onions, Celery and Green Peppers

Eden Foods
Crushed Tomatoes, Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilis, Diced Tomatoes, Whole Roma Tomatoes, Whole Tomatoes with Basil

Muir Glen Organics
Canned Tomato Tomato Products

Strained Tomatoes, Chopped Tomatoes

Progresso Quality Foods
Tomato Paste, Tomato Puree, Crushed Tomatoes, Whole Peeled Tomatoes, Diced tomatoes, Diced Tomatoes with Italian Herbs, Fire Roasted Crushed Tomatoes, Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes

S & W Foods
Ready-cut Peeled Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce, Thick & Chunky, Stewed Tomatoes, Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes

Trader Joe’s
Tomato Sauce

Spaghetti Sauces

Beatrice/ Hunt-Wesson
Healthy Choice Garlic & Herb Pasta Sauce, Traditional Pasta Sauce, Super Chunky Vegetable Primavera

Muir Glen
Organic Pasta Sauces; Mushroom Marinara, Portobello Mushroom


Trader Joe’s
Fat-Free Organic Classic Tomato Pasta Sauce, Fat-Free Organic Sweet Pepper Sauce

Tree of Life
Fat-Free Pasta Sauce

Ventre Packing Co.
Enrico’s Fat Free Pasta Sauce

Walnut Acres
Low Sodium Tomato & Basil

Well Your World
Marinara Magnifica, Mushroom Basil Marinara

Canned & Bottled Beans & Vegetables

Bottled Beans, Canned Beans

Rosarita No Fat Refried Beans

Bush Bros.& Co.
Canned Beans, Deluxe Vegetarian Beans

Eden Foods
Organic Beans; Aduki, Black, Black Eyed Peas, Black Soybeans, Butter Beans, Cannellini, Garbanzo, Great Northern, Kidney, Navy Beans, Pinto, Small Red Beans

Goya Foods
Canned Beans

H.J. Heinz
Vegetarian Beans in Tomato Sauce

Little Bear/Bearitos
Fat Free Traditional Refried Beans, Fat Free Refried Beans with Chili, Fat Free Black Bean Refried Beans

Mercantile Food Co.
Canned Beans; Kidney, Navy, Black, etc.

Progresso Quality Foods Co.
Cannellini Beans, Black Beans, etc.

S&W Fine Foods
Honey Mustard Baked Beans, Maple Sugar Baked Beans, Pinquitos, White Beans, Chili Beans with Chipotle Peppers, Maple Syrup Beans, Deli-Style Bean Salad, Mixed Bean Salad, Dill Garden Salad, Succotash, Garden Style Pasta Salad, Chili Makin’s, Red Beans Louisiana Style, Chili Beans, Black Beans, Caribbean Recipe, New York Recipe, Santa Fe Recipe, San Antonio Recipe

Trader Joe’s
Kidney Bean Chili, Black Bean Chili

Westbrae Natural Foods
Organic Canned Beans; Chili, Garbanzo, Great Northern, Kidney, Lentil, Pinto, Red, Salad Beans, Soup Beans, Soy Beans, Baked Beans

Frozen Potatoes

Hash Browns

Cascadian Farm
Organic Country Style Potatoes, Organic Hash Browns

J.R. Simplot Co.
Okray’s Hash Brown Potato Patties

Mr. Dell Foods
Hash Browns

Ore-Ida Foods
Hash Browns, Potatoes O’Brien

Pacific Valley Foods
Natural Shredded Hashbrowns, Southern Style Chopped Hashbrowns, Roasted Potato Wedges, Crinkle Cut Potatoes

Reser’s Fine Foods
Hash Browns

Simply Potatoes
Diced Potatoes with Onion, Shredded Hash Browns, Homestyle Slices, Red Potato Wedges

Sno Pac Foods Inc.
Potatoes O’Brien C & W (California & Washington) Foods; Whole Red Potatoes

Bean & Veggie Dishes (frozen or refrigerated)

Birds Eye
Steam Fresh Rice, Steam Fresh Roasted Red Potato Blend, Steam Fresh Rice and Vegetable Mixes, C&W Ultimate Southwest Blend

NOTE: Birds Eye makes many frozen meals and vegetable blends but only a few of the blends and “complete meals” are free of oil and other undesirable ingredients—be sure to read the ingredient list.

Cascadian Farms
Organic Hearty Blends, Riced Cauliflower Blends

Green Giant
Riced Veggies, Veggie Spirals


Note: We prefer you choose whole grain pasta whenever possible, however we allow for the use of refined flour when a whole grain option is not available.

Ancient Harvest
Quinoa Pasta

Organic Pasta—Whole Wheat & Gluten Free

Cucina & Amor
Organic Pasta, Potato Gnocchi, Gluten Free Gnocchi, Whole Wheat Gnocchi

DeBole’s Nutritional Foods
Organic Pastas, Gluten Free Pastas

Eden Foods
Imported Japanese Pasta (Udon, Soba, Buckwheat, Kuzu, Etc.), Organic 100% Whole Wheat Pastas

Food for Life Baking Co.
Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Pasta

Golden Grain
100% Whole Wheat Pastas

Jovial Foods
Gluten Free Brown Rice: Elbows, Manicotti, Lasagna, Farfalle, Caserecce, Fettuccini, etc.

Lotus Foods
Rice Pad Thai Noodles

Lundberg Pasta
Brown Rice Spaghetti, Brown Rice Penne, Brown Rice Rotini

Nature’s Legacy
Whole Grain Spelt Pasta

Ronzoni Foods Corp
100% Organic, Gluten Free, etc.

Sam Mills USA
100% Corn pastas

Brown rice pastas, White rice pastas, Organic Brown rice pastas

Canned Soups

Organic Fat Free Soups

Split Pea Soup

Blue Chip Group
Instant Vegetarian Chicken Flavor Broth Base

Health Valley Foods
Vegetable Broth, Organic Split Pea Soup, Fat Free Soups; 14 Garden Vegetable Soup, Vegetable Barley, Corn & Vegetable, 5 Bean Vegetable, Tomato Vegetable, Split Pea & Carrots, Lentil & Carrots, Black Bean & Vegetable. Fat-Free Carotene Soups; Italian Plus, Super Broccoli, Organic Tomato Soup

Imagine Foods
Vegetable Broth, No-Chicken Broth

Muir Glen
Organic Tomato Soup, Organic Homestyle Split Pea

Pacific Foods of Oregon
Vegetable Broth, Mushroom Broth

Simply Organic
Organic Lentil & Parsley, Organic Yellow Split Pea

Trader Joe’s
Mostly Unsplit Pea Soup, Bean and Vegetable Duet Soup, Tomato Vegetable Soup, Swabian Rice and Vegetable Soup

Walnut Acres
Cuban Black Bean, Mediterranean Lentil, Four Bean Chili, Ginger Carrot

Westbrae Natural Foods
Great Plains Savory Bean, Santa Fe Vegetable, Louisiana Bean Stew, Alabama Black Bean Gumbo, Old World Split Pea, Spicy Southwest Vegetable, Mediterranean Lentil

Dry Soup, Sauce & Pancake Mixes

Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods
Baked Ramen Noodles-Chicken Flavor, Baked Ramen Noodles-Beef Flavor, Hearty Chili with Baked Tortilla Chips, Mediterranean Pasta & Beans, Rice & Pasta Chicken Flavored Pilaf Cup & Big Cup, Minestrone Pasta Soup & Big Cup, Split Pea Soup with Barley Cup & Big Cup, Tortilla Soup with Baked Tortilla Chips, Southwest Style Rice & Pinto Beans, Tamale Pie with Baked Tortilla Chips Cup and Big Cup, Curry with Brown & Wild Rice Big Cup, Fruited Pilaf Big Cup, Hot & Sour with Organic Noodles Big Cup, Miso Soup with Organic Noodles Big Cup, Pad Thai Noodle Soup Big Cup, Black Bean & Lime Soup Big Cup, Tortilla Soup Mix, Split Pea & Barley Soup Mix, Vegetarian Vegetable Beef Soup Mix, Crowd-Pleasing Chili Mix

Eden Foods
Ramen; Buckwheat, Whole Wheat

Edward & Son’s Trading Co.

Fantastic Foods
Cha-Cha Chili Soup Cup, Potato & Corn Chowder Soup Cup, Country Lentil Soup Cup, Couscous with Lentils Bean Soup Cup, Five Bean Soup Bean Cup, Jumpin’ Black Bean Soup Cup, Minestrone Big Cup, Split Pea Soup Cup, Vegetable Barley Soup Cup, Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup Mix, Baja Black Bean Chipotle Soup Cup, Green Onion Miso with Tofu Soup Cup

Frontier Co-op Soup Vegetables – Deluxe
Kosher, Non-irradiated

Harmony House Organic Vegetable Pantry Stuffers
8 Varieties

Health Valley Foods
Pasta Italiano, Fat-Free Cup of Soup- Marinara, Garden Split Pea With Carrots, Black Bean with Couscous, Zesty Black Bean with Rice, Chicken Flavored Noodles with Vegetables, Lentil with Couscous

Instant Miso soups

Nile Spice Foods
Lentil Soup, Black Bean Soup, Split Pea Soup, Chili ‘n’ Beans

Sahara Natural Foods
Casbah; Hearty Harvest, Original Couscous, Jambalaya, Morrocan Stew, La Fiesta

Simply Organic
Chunky Tomato & Lentil

Sokensha Co.
Soken Ramen

The Spice Hunter
Moroccan Couscous, Mediterranean Minestrone, Cantonese Noodle Soup, French Country Lentil, Kasba Curry, Kasba Curry with Rice Bran, Mandarin Noodle Soup

Trader Joe’s
Ramen Soup, Brown Rice Ramen, Soba Noodles

Well Your World 
Banana Pancake Mix, Cheese Sauce Mix, Mushroom Gravy Mix

Westbrae Natural Foods
Ramen; Whole Wheat, Onion, Curry, Carrot, Miso, Seaweed, 5-Spice, Spinach, Mushroom, Buckwheat, Savory Szechwan, Oriental Vegetable, Golden Chinese. Miso Soup; Mellow White, Hearty Red. Noodles Anytime-Country Style

Wil-Pak Foods
Taste Adventure Foods; Black Bean, Curry Lentil, Split Pea, Red Bean, Navy Bean, Minestrone, Sweet Corn Chowder, Red Bean Chili, Black Bean Chili, Lentil Chili, 5 Bean Chili

Seasoning Mixes

Salt Free—Table Tasty, Supreme Garlic and Herb, Gusto Garlic and Herb, Masterpiece Mediterranean, Zesty Lemon, Calypso Jamaican/Caribbean Hot & Spicy, Ponderosa Wild Game, Heritage Game Bird & Poultry, Bravo Tex-Mex

Red Chile Enchilada Sauce

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables
Sea Seasonings—Dulse Granules, Kelp Granules

Road’s End Organics
Golden Gravy Mix, Herb Gravy Mix, Shiitake Gravy Mix

Simply Organic
Vegetarian Brown Gravy, Chili, Taco, Sloppy Joe, Mushroom Sauce, Chipotle Black Bean, Creamy Dill, French Onion, Onion and Chive, Green Enchilada Simmer Sauce

The Vegetarian Express
Parma Zaan Sprinkles, Veggie Chick Seasoning, Roasted Garlic and Red Bell Pepper Zip, Pepper-like Seasoning, Creamy White Gravy Mix, Greek Isle, Beef-Like, Lemony Dill

Well Your World 
Calypso Caribbean Seasoning Blend, Chili Lime Seasoning Blend, Date Powder, Everything Bagel Seasoning, Fiesta Fire Blend, Galaxy Dust Salt Substitute, Lemon Pepper Pizzazz, Nooch, Stardust Salt Substitute, Voodoo Cajun Seasoning, Zesty No-Salt Seasoning Blend

Salad Dressings

Forks Over Knives
Creamy Italian, Orange Sesame Ginger, Balsamic Fig

Simple Girl
Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette, Organic Sweet Vinaigrette, Organic Sweet Mustard, Organic Citrus

Well Your World
Balsamic Vinaigrette, Desert Catalina Dressing, Italian Dressing, Sweet Heat Dressing, Sweet Mustard Dressing

Note: Oil-free salad dressings are almost impossible to find. Balsamic and red wine vinegars make good salad dressings. Or find a complete list of easy to make dressings by clicking here.

Hot Drinks

Many manufacturers
Herbal Teas

Adamba Imports Int.

Bioforce of America
Coffree, Bambu

Bolt’s Old World Grain Co.
Gaia’s Cafe

California Natural Products

Eden Foods

General Foods Corp.

Libby, McNeil, & Libby

Raja’s Cup

Modern Products

Richter Bros.

Sundance Roasting Co
Sundance Barley Brew

Teeccino Cafe
Original, Almond Amaretto, Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Nut

Worthington Foods
Kaffree Roma

Cold Cereals

Note: Please keep in mind that some of these products have added sugars. When possible, pick the plain cereal and add sweeteners and toppings yourself.

Arrowhead Mills
Plain Puffed Grains, Shredded Wheat, Oat Bran Flakes, Multigrain Flakes, etc.

Back to Nature
Apple Blueberry Granola, Classic Granola

Barbara’s Bakery
Brown Rice Crisps, Corn Flakes, Breakfast O’s, Shredded Wheat, Multigrain Spoonfuls, Multigrain Squarefuls

Cascadian Farm
Purely O’s, Honey Nut O’s, Raisin Bran, Multi-Grain Squares

General Mills
Cheerios, Chex Corn, Chex Rice, Chex Wheat

Whole Wheat Biscuits, 7 Whole Grain Flakes Cereal, 7 Whole Grain Puffs, Sprouted Grains, Organic Strawberry Fields

Corn Flakes, Rasin Bran, Rice Krispies

Nature’s Path Food
Kamut Puffs, Rice Puffs, Millet Rice Flakes, Corn Flakes

Grape-Nuts, Shredded Wheat

Three Sisters
Uncle Sam’s Wheat Berry Flakes

Whole Foods Market/365
365 Wheat Squares, 365 Morning O’s, 365 Bran Flakes, 365 Corn Flakes, Engine 2 Cereals