Jennifer: Loses an Average of 0.3 Pounds Per Day

Updated May 14, 2018

I started McDougalling on Jan 20, 2018 and I have lost 26 lbs!

The picture on the left was taken January 28. The picture on the right was taken 2 months later on March 17.


I lost 12.4 pounds the first month and 7.1 pounds the second month and I am continuing to lose. Over the past week I have had an average loss of 0.3 pounds per day! Here is a picture I posted when I reached the 15 lbs milestone on March 7th.

I have found it very easy to eat this way. The hardest part for me has been adding movement and exercise into my daily routine. I was completely sedentary before I started this.

jennifer-02-7644568In the first 30 days I focused on simply standing up and walking for 10 minutes, 3 times during the work day. I managed to do that 70% of the time.

In the second month I added an exercise goal to do The Firm video work out (step aerobics) or yoga 3x a week. I couldn’t do the step aerobics but I stuck with yoga and exceeded my goal! I am now doing yoga at home every day!

I aim to keep things very simple with my meals. I have the same thing for breakfast every day. Lunch is a salad plus leftovers from dinner. Dinner is a rotating menu of about 5 different compliant meals that my family likes to eat.

Breakfast – oatmeal with blueberries and 1 teaspoon brown sugar and a cup of decaf tea.

Lunch – A big salad using one heart of romaine, green onions, mung bean sprouts and McDougall’s Oriental dressing. My starch is whatever is left over from the previous night’s dinner.

Dinner – we rotate through Mexican, Asian, Italian and American themed meals.

This week was especially busy at work so I had plain old Yukon Gold potatoes microwaved with balsamic glaze or mustard for dipping for a couple meals. I lost 2.9 lbs this week!

My clothes are fitting much better but they are not falling off of me yet. I am sleeping better and waking up without an alarm clock most days. This is remarkable for me. Before this way of eating I could sleep until 12 PM or later on the weekends. This past Saturday, I woke up at 6 AM without an alarm!

I have a long way to go to reach my ideal weight, but I am feeling really proud of myself and do not have any worries about being able to continue with this way of eating. This is a 180 degree shift from where I was 2 months ago.

I know it is cliche to say it, but it is so true. If I can do this, anyone can do it.