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Postby ranomore » Fri Apr 03, 2020 1:48 pm

My daughter's rheumatoid arthritis is not yet controlled with a WFPB, no O diet. When her medication of hydroxychloroquine needed to be refilled, she had to go to every pharmacy she could find to get a refill. Most would not refill it stating they had none and could not get more. Apparently it is being sent to the hospitals and given to covid-19 patients and medical personnel as a preventative measure. But how are people who need it NOW supposed to function? It seems that RA and lupus patients should be supplied with the meds they need first before someone just taking it prophylactically. Any ideas on who to bring this issue to light and so she can contact to continue to refill her meds?
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Re: hydroxychloroquine

Postby VeggieSue » Sat Apr 04, 2020 5:11 am

Sorry, but I have no good news for you.

This has been a big complaint on all the autoimmune communities I belong to n Facebook for a few weeks now. Some have said in their states doctors are only allowed to write prescriptions for 1 month at a time now and local pharmacies, when they still have it, are doling it out a week at a time. Most mail order pharmacies are out of stock completely and the med is on back order indefinitely.

People new to those communities are always coming in asking how long will it take for the med to stop working, now that they can no longer get any even though have been on the perfect dose for years, and the general consensus has been 6 weeks before all their symptoms like joint pains reappear.

BTW, you wrote this in the forum for testing out things like avatars and signatures. You should re-write it over in the Lounge or Health Issues forums where more people will see it. Maybe someone else has better news.
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