Lectins article--who wrote this?

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Lectins article--who wrote this?

Postby dstewart » Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:41 am

The article on lectins in the latest newsletter is a mess. It has numerous errors in grammar and punctuation. It is clumsy in its writing and badly ordered in its points.

It doesn't read like Dr. McDougall's writing. I suggest a more attentive editorial eye and better proofreading.
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Re: Lectins article--who wrote this?

Postby calvin » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:43 pm

Hopefully the errors, punctuation, grammar, run-on sentences, and unfortunate wording will be corrected soon.

I think it was the Father Knows Best television series of the Fifties that inspired me to look forward to taking Latin once I reached High School because the kids in that family mentioned their Latin homework. And I was very disappointed upon entering Junior High School (i.e. 7th grade) to learn that I would not be allowed Latin for two more years. :cry: The first day of Latin class, the teacher Mr. Powers entered the classroom, introduced himself, went to the black board, wrote "CICERO", and gave is our first lesson in Latin, namely that the C in Latin is a hard C. KICK err row. Not SIS err row. I'm not aware of any Latin words ending in double e. A knowledge of Latin, a "dead" language, continued to help me throughout my schooling. Regrettably, it is too late for me to thank all my teachers.

lectin (ˈlɛktɪn) n
(Biochemistry) a type of protein possessing high affinity for a specific sugar; lectins are often highly toxic
[C20: from Latin lectus, past participle of legere to select + -in]
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