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latest newsletter

Postby dteresa » Mon Nov 03, 2014 4:11 pm

I was somewhat surprised at the latest newsletter reporting a one week study of about 1600 attendees at the McD program in Santa Rosa. I am a wfpb no fat eater but I was not too impressed with the study. I was especially surprised at the statement that no other study is needed. I have never heard a scientist claim that nothing more could be said or no other research was needed.

Also with the claim that the three pound weight loss in one week could lead to a twelve pound weight loss in one month or a 150 pound weight loss in one year. With people eating like they did in Santa Rosa, going up to the buffet table three or four times. Wow. Although one hundred percent compliant I never lost weight at that rate on this diet. Unless one is very overweight and begins the diet at the health center. I wonder how many others on the group lost that amount of weight in one year especially by filling their plates several times over. I am ten pounds from my goal weight and can not dislodge it so far.

It is my guess that a group of people on a low carb atkins diet would also do as well in one week. Weight is certainly lost initially on an atkins diet and biomarkers usually improve with weight loss. On low carb groups I have read people report exactly that.

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Re: latest newsletter

Postby jay kaye » Tue Nov 04, 2014 3:25 am

I too am a little bothered by The Dr claims about this being "The Largest Study of the Benefits from a Medical Dietary Intervention..."

Maybe I missed something but Pritikin had published similar results over 20 years ago with a much larger group:

Among 4,587 adults, men lost on average 11.2 pounds and women lost 7.3 pounds within three weeks of starting the Pritikin Program. Archives of Internal Medicine, 151: 1389, 1991

Analyses of 4,587 guests staying at Pritikin for three weeks showed an average 23% drop in total cholesterol and 23% drop in LDL “bad” cholesterol and an average 33% reduction in triglyceride levels. Archives of Internal Medicine, 151:1389, 1991. See also New England Journal of Medicine, 323: 1142, 1990.

The most comprehensive study of long-term weight loss ever conducted, the National Weight Control Registry, found that the vast majority of its nearly 4,500 successful people followed a program, like Pritikin, that involved daily exercise and an eating plan low in fat and very high in fiber-rich carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables. The members lost, on average, 66 pounds and, at six-year follow-up, had kept it off. Less than 1% followed a high-protein, high-fat diet. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 98: 480, 1998

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Re: latest newsletter

Postby VeggieSue » Tue Nov 04, 2014 6:47 am

dteresa wrote:Also with the claim that the three pound weight loss in one week could lead to a twelve pound weight loss in one month or a 150 pound weight loss in one year. With people eating like they did in Santa Rosa, going up to the buffet table three or four times. Wow. Although one hundred percent compliant I never lost weight at that rate on this diet. Unless one is very overweight and begins the diet at the health center.

It's these statements made on the cover of his books that makes newbies (especially older women) so upset when they come here after religiously following the food plan for anywhere from a week to a year and aren't losing the promised amounts of weight. Especially those "ad libitem", eat-all-you-want of the starchy foods claims. Many of us know from experience we just can't eat like that and expect to lose weight. Look at the Stars who tell people they have to eat less starch and more non-starchy veggies than Dr. McD teaches to lose and then to maintain their weight loss.

Sure, people who had at least one "Last Supper" of high fat, high calorie foods before attending a 10 day diet program lost 3 or more pounds between their first weigh-in and their last! They probably gained 5 pounds in the week before attending trying to get rid of off-plan foods in their houses! That would happen on *any* live-in diet program. Yes, the foods are eaten ad libitem, but they're still restricted - I'm sure chafing dishes of hot meals and trays of black bean brownies aren't available 24/7, just things like salads and fresh fruit and veggies. And the 10-day also has trips off-campus almost daily, IIRC. Aside from the 2 restaurant meals and probably a boxed lunch when touring the redwoods, is any other food available? Can someone who has attended a 10-day let us know for sure?

And we know some people have gained weight, even just attending a 3-day weekend - the late Nancy wrote about her experience doing just that after an ASW that featured the top chefs who cook this way. I'm sure she's not the only one who has ever gained weight while away from home at these programs, especially women who no longer have to cook all the meals themselves and enjoy having someone else cook for a change.

Lastly, think of how many in that report are men who attend, and how easily men lose weight when compared to women, especially men who no longer have access to their nightly beer and chips and frozen pizza snacks while vegging out in front of the tv after dinner.

I always take the claims of large, rapid amounts of miraculous weight loss with a grain of salt, whether they're printed in a women's magazine or a scientific journal.

I agree more study is needed, especially follow-ups on the people mentioned in the study written about. How many of those people not just continued to lose on the rate Dr. McD hypothesizes, but how long did they keep the weight off? How much and of what foods are they eating if they are able to maintain the predicted (or even less than) loss? I know it'll be impossible to follow up on that many people, so why not a follow-up on the early Star McDougallers who lost weight. It's been over 10 years now for some of them. How many of them maintained their weight loss? How many still even follow some form of the program? Almost everyone can lose weight for the short term (2 years or less, certainly for 10 days), it's keeping it off for the long term we want to learn about.
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Re: latest newsletter

Postby f1jim » Tue Nov 04, 2014 7:52 am

My guess is most of the people attending a 10 day McDougall event are coming off the SAD. Not always but mostly.
Understand it's very costly to do a long term study. To really be effective you have to successfully monitor people closely and often. This is very expensive and time consuming.
The 10 day results show the dramatic changes possible by changing ones diet. That's the real take home. The published results are not an attempt to seriously extrapolate progress ove the course of many months. But one can certainly see the changes wrought by just a few days of healthy eating.
No, if you want to see the needle move fast go low carb. This program is about eating a naturally healthy diet and providing a way of eating that insures maximum health over the long haul. Methinks a bit of puffery is allowable here for demonstrative purposes.
We have many people on the boards that have attended the 10 day program. They would be a good source of information about it's impact both short and long term. What's nice is we also have a wide range of body types and shapes that have gone through the program. I think you will find a universality in their responses to the program. The best possible source of information on the long term results of the program is right here under our noses. We have the complete mix of adherence, length of time following, age, and most every other factor.
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