Newbie- new cholesterol #'s!

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Newbie- new cholesterol #'s!

Postby megs1980 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:51 pm

Hey all!
I'm so glad I found this group! I quit facebook like 6 months ago so I don't really have a community to ask questions or share things with.
Anyway, I started eating plant based on 22 December after watching What the Health and Forks Over Knives while recovering from foot surgery. I literally cleaned out my pantry that night.
Anyway, my cholesterol was measured in early
December and was 189, with 127LDL, and when I got tested on
Friday I am at 147 and 87 LDL!
I will freely admit that I know next to nothing about these numbers, but I thought it was pretty cool that it went down 42 total and 40LDL. Is that a lot? Is that a little? I know it's good that it went down!

I also have to say, that like 99% of the time, I enjoy this way of eating WAY more than eating meat/dairy/etc. I never really liked eating meat, it always kind of grossed me out but I thought I was supposed to and HAD to.

I will admit that yesterday I was feeling kind of crappy/tired and really just wanted some kind of takeout/comfort food, and before I would order pizza or get a Digiorno and a Hershey's pie from the grocery store (that was like EPIC comfort food, pizza and chocolate pie are pretty much the perfect foods), but now I need to figure out some kind of something that will work. I really haven't eaten out a lot since I transitioned, and I'm a little nervous about it.
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Re: Newbie- new cholesterol #'s!

Postby Crystal_Pegasus » Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:23 am

Congratulations and welcome!

Dr Esselstyn tends to say that total cholesterol under 150 makes you basically heart attack proof, so that number is excellent! Well done. :)

I'm not from USA so can't really comment on takeaway food there, but you can make your own compliant pizza if that's what you crave. It's not quite the same oily gooey mess, so may take a little adapting to. What about home popped plain popcorn, with your own seasonings added? You can also make things like compliant black bean brownies. This kind of thing isn't an every day food, but good if you're in need of something to satisfy your sweet tooth once in a while. Of course, getting used to appreciating fresh fruit for sweetness is a good idea... taste buds will change and you will come to appreciate the natural flavours and sweetness, especially if you can avoid eating hyper palatable junk food, to give them a chance to adapt.
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Re: Newbie- new cholesterol #'s!

Postby megs1980 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:47 pm

Oh wow, awesome! Thanks Crystal!
I have actually noticed lately that I am really not even craving that stuff that much. Which is crazy because I was a SERIOUS chocoholic. I have been having oranges for dessert! Never thought that was possible. Still not a ton of weight lost, but I figure as I keep on with this, it will work itself out, especially if my tastebuds keep changing like this
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Re: Newbie- new cholesterol #'s!

Postby Barbpassman » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:18 pm

Glad to read that someone has actually lowered their numbers by adopting WFPB diet.
I sadly have the opposite experience.
WFPBD did not help at all.My cholesterol has crept up every year from 112 three years ago ,to 263 in fasting blood work last week . This after six or more months on a WFPBD to which I had been gradually the past year. I read The WFPBD book, Forks over Knives, McDougall book etc and was thrilled to example after example of people beautiful reducing their BP and cholesterol as well as losing weight eating in a way good for Mother Earth as well as themselves
Weight is not an issue for me although I I have lost 2-3 lb in past 9 months - I am 5'4 and weigh 121 and by body fat%, also tested last week dropped a full % to 27 %.
I am active, Walking, water aerobics, yoga 4-5 times week.
I have not gone to 100% oil free but cut down tremendously, using a couple teaspoons of Algae oil to start sauteeing and then using vegetable broth. to finish. I am 90%-95% vegan following the Whole Foods PBd iet which lets me join in with family and friends (as last night, for example, out to dinner i tasted, one bite of my son's duck) and, during the occasional staff lunch I can eat the gluten free pizza brought for me). I eat veggies, greens , peas beans , fresh fruit, almond or cashew based "yogurt", almond or cashew based "ice creams", Vegan cheese Oil free salad dressings or a half teaspoon of high grade olive oil on my salads.

I did not expect the full success of those who have cut out all oil and are 110% vegan.But I expected SOME drop. LogicallY I should have seen some drop No, my numbers ares worse than last year. I was stunned reading the test report today.
I dont take any meds which influence cholesterol - Cardizem blood pressure ( which also has not gone done), Calcium citrate, Vit D and Bausch and Lomb vitamins to help ward off macular degeneration.
I am celiac so avoid wheat, barley, rye... But that should not interfere with the WFPB lifestyle

I had such faith in eating in a way that also rings ethically true for me.. But while this WFPB diet is wonderful for ethics, it doesn't give me the health results touted by all these experts.

I am afraid to take statins as I have mild arthritis, had a bulging L5 area dis( blissfully repaired last year),have some back paid from mile spondylolisthesis,arthriitis in one foot so I do not need anything to add more aches and pins (my back issues started right after i briefly went on low dose statins.. Maybe unrelated but I am spooked)

Do any of the promoters of Plant based diets every recommend Red Yeast Rice ,as a natural complement to this healthier eating, to bring down cholesterol?

Thoughts welcome, I am truly stunned that despite tremendous effort, this is not working at all for me.
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Re: Newbie- new cholesterol #'s!

Postby f00die » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:44 pm

the key to blood lipid improvements is "very low fat."
no added fat/oil, no plant fats, no animal fats & minimize/eliminate consumption of refined plant foods.
if you are not checking that box, the studies show no or minimal biomarker improvements
health is not a reward for not eating animals (being vegan)
its a reward for eating very low fat
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Re: Newbie- new cholesterol #'s!

Postby f1jim » Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:44 pm

Red rice yeast IS has the same compounds as many statins so there would be no effective difference. Cholesterol for most people drops significantly on this program but you are human and all humans are unique. There are many things to suggest dietarily to avoid such as all oils but aloso many things to make sure you include such as lots of soluble fiber such as is found in oats and barley. This helps remove oxidized lipids from your system. As with any dietary change it happens rapidly with some slowly with others. Some can make a few small changes and see big results. Others seem to have to do EVERYTHING to get their numbers under control.
While adopting this diet and lifestyle program I have reversed my heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, and lost 54 lbs. You can follow my story at
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Re: Newbie- new cholesterol #'s!

Postby Barbpassman » Tue Apr 10, 2018 3:01 pm

FiJim, , that was helpful.
Maybe I am too impatient. Certainly had not expected numbers to rise now that I have cut out 90% of the unhealthy foodstuffs.

My understanding is that Red Yeast Rice has very low level of statin-like compounds, not as effective but also not nearly as disturbing to our systems as prescription strength statins.(at least not now... early 2000's there were RYR compounds which were identical to Lovestatin and the FDA had them taken off the market
Seems the current RYR products in conjunction with the WFPB type diet might be a good partnership to at least jump start improvement in cholesterol.
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