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Jack LaLanne (taped interview)

Updated June 2, 2014

Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne, often referred to as “the godfather of fitness,” became interested in health at age 15, after becoming frustrated with his own appearance and feelings of ill health. In 1936 he opened the “nation’s first modern health studio” at age 21 in Oakland, California, noting in his biography, “By then I knew more about the workings of the muscles in my body than most doctors.” During college LaLanne studied pre-med and graduated chiropractic college, but was far more interested in helping others through prevention. In the early 1950’s, via the new medium of television, his healthful messages and reputation spread like wildfire. In this 1994 interview with Dr. McDougall, LaLanne, 79 and a vegetarian, speaks passionately about his love of fitness and nutrition. “I could never have done it without nutrition,” says LaLanne.

Note: This taped interview from “Your Good Health,” hosted by Dr. McDougall has been edited. Any contact information provided during the interviews should be confirmed first since it may have changed since the original taping.

Download Jack LaLanne (taped interview) – Duration: 35:54