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Find a Health Care Practitioner

Find a health care practitioner (such as a doctor, dietitian or chiropractor, for example) in your area who is recommended by fellow McDougallers by entering your two-letter state abbreviation. If you would like a narrower search, enter just your zip code. You can also search by specialty field (MD, dietician, nutritionist, chiropractor, etc.). To search for specialists who have received certification directly through The McDougall Starch Solution Certification Course, select "Starch Solution Certified".

If you wish to suggest a health care practitioner to add to the list, please search for them by last name and verify that they are not already in our database. If they are not listed, please fill out the requested form.

IMPORTANT: The practitioners listed here are entirely independent of the McDougall Program. This listing does not endorse any medical or professional practitioners or services obtained through information provided on this website or any links to or from this website. Before proceeding, please read the full disclaimer.

(Hint: To search for multiple specialty fields, simply type them in using only a space between them - ie: health nutrition)
(Hint: To search by state, use the two-letter abbreviation.)
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