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Helping Friends Understand the McDougall Diet

Once you know the benefits of a starch-based diet, you will want to share the good news with family and friends. And maybe with everyone you meet. Some people will be ready to listen and learn while others may need more education and experiences before you can open their eyes. You will not be able to identify the willing until you try. Once you know better, it is your obligation to share the good news about a starch-based diet with others. Consider your best communication assets and gracefully move into the other person's world so that you may help them.


Desperately Ill People Are Not Always Easy to Influence

A well-educated dentist came into my office with heart bypass surgery scheduled for the next week. I (John McDougall, MD) reviewed his coronary angiogram pictures with him, pointing out blockages in two of the three major blood vessels feeding his heart. I explained that these ominous-appearing shadows really represented old, healed scars and that they were not life threatening.


The man had plenty of time to change his diet and regain his lost health. If this were an emergency, I pointed out, his doctors would have operated last week. And he had no chest pains. The major scientific studies on the results of coronary artery bypass surgery show that this operation does not save lives. The dentist knew these medical facts and that he had a dietary disease that could easily be stopped by taking my recommendations. From my viewpoint, there was never a more suitable candidate for change: he was intelligent, successful, motivated, and had every reason to live. He walked out of my office with much to ponder.


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