The McDougall Newsletter - October 2007

  November 2013   Vol. 12 Issue 11

Al Gore's Vegan Diet: The Power of the Individual

World history was favorably changed this past week (November 26, 2013) when the former US Vice President and environmental activist Al Gore declared that he was no longer consuming animal foods. As a former Black Angus cattle rancher and a long-time indulger in all foods fattening, many people doubted that he would ever come to his senses. But he has. He is now vegan.

Mr. Gore has been grappling with this decision for seven years—at least—since the time I pointed out the inconsistency of Al Gore being the world's leading spokesperson on climate change and his own high-meat diet. This was the year (2006) that Mr. Gore rose above being a politician to a far more important role as "savior" with the release of the Oscar-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth; it was also the year that the World Health Organization released a groundbreaking study showing that raising livestock (cows, pigs, chickens, etc.) to feed people produces more greenhouse gases than all the transportation (cars, trains, airplanes, etc.) combined. Since 2006 the estimated greenhouse gas contribution from people eating meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs has risen to over 50%. Al Gore's public disclosure of his personal change in diet marks a time in history when Big Food is losing ground to humanity, and people's interest in preserving their home, planet Earth, is gaining steam.


H. Gilbert Welch, MD (from the McDougall February 2012 ASW) Speaks Out on Amy Robach's Double Mastectomy Following a Mammogram

ABC's Amy Robach discovered her breast cancer after an "on-air mammogram" on October 1st, 2013 for "Good Morning America's Pink Day." The news was announced to the world on November 11, 2013 on this national early morning TV show, and her doctors told her bluntly that this test saved her life. Her public efforts, she believes, will save many other women's lives by encouraging them to have their breasts examined. The scientific truth tells a far different story, one of great harm done, when celebrities go public about their diseases. The facts are

  • If 2000 women are screened regularly for 10 years, one will benefit from the screening, as she will avoid dying from breast cancer. 

  • At the same time, 10-20 healthy women will, as a consequence, become cancer patients and will be treated unnecessarily.

  • Furthermore, about 200 healthy women will experience a false alarm (resulting in anxiety and worry, often followed by further testing and treatments).


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