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June 2003    

Vol. 2   No. 6  


SARS Protection – More than a Face Mask


Could SARS eventually be deadlier than the Spanish flu epidemic of 1919 that killed more than 50 million people?
Could the higher rate of death for victims of SARS in Western countries be due to their high-fat, meat- and dairy-based diet?
SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, which is caused by a virus, is making headlines worldwide – so you have most likely thought about how you might avoid becoming a victim.

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Cure Your “Beef Habit” Today with a Little Mad Cow


The infectious agent causing Mad Cow Disease may soon be found in most us agent causing Mad Cow Disease may soon be found in most animal products, including beef, chicken, pork, gelatin, and glandular supplements.

The first change we made in our diet almost 30 years ago was to give up the red meat – more specifically, the beef.  If you haven’t already done so, after reading this article, I am confident you will be well on your way...

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Cleaning Out Your Arteries
The leading cause of death in Western countries is heart disease.  Possibly as many as 200,000 to 300,000 people in the United States have heart attacks every year – 1 million patients visit the hospital each year for the same reason.  The third leading cause of death is another disease of the arteries, strokes.  Many other diseases, from hearing loss to impotence, are also caused by closure of the blood supply to vital tissues.
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Eating Out in a Sandwich Shop
My most memorable experience with ordering a sandwich happened one day after a radio interview in Detroit.  My Dad and I went to the first floor deli in the Fisher Building.  After ordering a whole wheat bread sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and mustard, I asked for the bill.  The response was, “We’ve never sold a sandwich without meat...
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Featured Recipes
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