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November 2014               Printer Friendly PDF               Volume 13 Issue 11

I Say "No" to Flu Vaccines

In the US, national guidelines for receiving an annual flu vaccine extend to almost everyone over the age of six months old. Nevertheless, I recommend that my patients of all ages not take these incessantly promoted immunizations, primarily because of their lack of effectiveness. 

In addition, there are some risks from influenza vaccines, including injection site pain, allergic reactions, fever, fatigue, headache, and narcolepsy (excessive sleepiness).

I understand that you have been led to believe flu shots are a modern medical advancement. Your suspicions should be raised because direct advertising to consumers is intrusive, obnoxious, and nonstop. A phone call to your local pharmacist begins with a message to get "the flu shot," which happens to be conveniently provided at the pharmacy without an appointment or a physician's prescription. Supermarkets offer a sizable discount on groceries if you will allow yourself to be injected (or infected) with three or four viral proteins derived from past outbreaks, and sometimes a touch of mercury.

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