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SEPTEMBER 2013                   Printer Friendly PDF                    Volume 12 Issue 9

Human Genes are Turned On and Off by Diet

Scientists once believed that genetic information was fixed at the time of fertilization, and therefore was beyond any outside influences. This has been found to be untrue. Good genes are “turned on” by a healthy environment, just as “bad genes” are silenced by a healthy environment. In practical terms “a healthy environment” means a diet based on a plentiful supply of starches, vegetables, and fruits (avoiding animal-derived foods and oils). The biochemistry involved is complex, but may be of interest to you.

Genetics is the study of heredity in general and genes (DNA) in particular. Changes in genes occur only over long periods of time (measured in tens of thousands of years) through evolution, whereas expression of the information stored in our genes changes rapidly and is effected by pressures from the outside environment. Epigenetics is the study of these timely adaptations. (The Greek prefix epi- in “epigenetics” refers to biologic changes that occur that are "on top of" or "in addition to" those directed by our basic set of genes that we inherit from our parents.) |MORE|

The Immerman Files: One Hundreds Years of Scientific Research on Conservative Therapy

I (Alan Immerman, DC) would like to introduce you to my collection of thousands of medical journal studies about natural healing through diet and other conservative means. The Immerman Files are now online and available to interested readers worldwide without charge.

You will not find most of these extraordinary papers published anywhere else. One reason this basic research is a historical treasure is because computer indexing of medical journal studies only began in 1966 by the National Library of Medicine (www.pubmed.gov). This leaves thousands of valuable recommendations, made before this time, about natural therapies for common problems, such as multiple sclerosis, coronary artery disease, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, and general toxicity, out of reach of interested readers. My library includes papers published from 1880 to 1980. |MORE|

Report From the September 7 to 9, 2012 Advanced Study Weekend

Our September 2013 McDougall Advanced Study Weekend event in Santa Rosa, California was a huge success. These still pictures will help you experience some of the energy created by our talented speakers. You can see still watch the entire weekend over the Internet. Put the February 21 to 23, 2014 McDougall Advanced Study Weekend on you calendar or sign up now. |MORE|

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