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Obama's Nutritional Knowledge Will Heal America
Great Honor Bestowed on Dr. McDougall by the Hawaii Senate
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Obama’s Nutritional Knowledge Will Heal America

Congratulations to Barack Obama on his second-term victory. I have waited until this moment—a time when no future elections face him—to tell you that our President has been preparing his whole life to understand and implement a healthy diet for our ailing nation. I believe this is one of his greatest missions. The American people are fat and sick, and over-tested and over-treated. Unimpeded by political consequences, our 44th President no longer must bend to the pressures of the pharmaceutical, medical, and food industries. Because of his understanding of the truth and his flexibility, he is now in a position to support our country in becoming strong, productive, and healthy again.

My Encounter with Barack Obama

Barack Obama was introduced to the McDougall Program as a teenager during his years at Punahou High School (1975 to 1979). At the invitation of Brad Yates, the school’s health education teacher, I spoke annually at this top private school in Honolulu, Hawaii. After one of my lectures, a group of four young men sitting in the front row of the auditorium approached me. One of the students was introduced to me as Barry Obama. As a young black man he stood out from the rest of the white and Asian student body. Hopefully, I made a lasting impression on his thinking.


Great Honor Bestowed on Dr. McDougall by the Hawaii Senate

Other than the most rewarding satisfaction I have received from seeing tens of thousands of lives changed by the McDougall Program and the glowing words of appreciation I have been given by many of my patients and other followers, my work has largely been unrecognized in any formal manner. Fortunately, this lack of coveted, yet somewhat superficial, attention causes me almost no distress. However, I admit, a little attention from the establishment would be welcome.

On November 13, 2012 I received an award honoring and commending my work during my evening presentation at the Hawaii Vegetarian Society in Honolulu. State Senator Mike Gabbard, a democratic member of the Hawaii Senate (19th District), presented me with this certificate and many kind words.


Featured Recipes

  • Spicy Pumpkin Soup
  • Nara’s Potato Veggie Vegan Yum Soup
  • Tea House Vinaigrette
  • Cuban Black Bean Soup
  • Cassoulet
  • Mediterranean Chard
  • Cheater Pad Thai
  • Moroccan Vegetables


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