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Formal Report to the State of Florida About our Largest Source of Child Abuse: Food
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April 2012 Printer Friendly PDF Volume 11 Issue 4

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My Formal Report to the State of Florida about Our Largest Source of Child Abuse: Food

On Friday, April 27, 2012, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed HB 1355 that establishes stricter criminal penalties for individuals who fail to report known or suspected child abuse; and especially involving victims of sexual abuse. Children are among the most defenseless victims of crime.

I (John McDougall, MD) am a physician licensed to practice medicine in the state of Florida (FL license #: ME 79850). In Florida, medical doctors are one of over 40 professionals who are identified as mandated reporters of child abuse. (Teachers, school professionals, counselors, nurses, doctors, dietitians, and mental health professionals are among those required to report child abuse in Florida, California, and many other states.)

In compliance with Florida state law, I am filing this report about widespread child abuse caused by various food industries working directly with branches of US government. These food organizations are actively involved in acts of commission and omission that result in harm, potential for harm, and/or the threat of harm to children. The health consequences of their various business activities amount to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of children.


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