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Why Did Steve Jobs Die?
Responses from October 2011 Newsletter Article: How to Protect Yourself from Abusive Medical Doctors
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November 2011 Printer Friendly PDF Volume 10 Issue 11

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Why Did Steve Jobs Die?

Steve Jobs gave tacit permission and encouragement for me to write this newsletter article about the medical and nutritional aspects of his life when he commissioned his biographer to tell a true account. “I wanted my kids to know about me…” “Also, when I got sick, I realized other people would write about me if I died and they wouldn’t know anything. They’d get it all wrong. So I wanted to make sure someone heard what I had to say.”(556) Jobs would have been pleased to hear my challenging second opinions about his pancreatic cancer and his diet, because my thoughts are in agreement with what he intuitively and factually knew to be correct. Hopefully, my account will bring some peace of mind to his family and friends after his untimely death.

This article is not meant as a critique of his doctors and their medical care. I am certain these professionals performed their best for him. In hindsight, everything is clearer. The purpose of this article is to set the record straight.


The Following Are Responses from Readers about the October 2011 Newsletter Article, How to Protect Yourself from Abusive Medical Doctors

I asked readers to share their stories about doctors who have misrepresented their goods and services and have included almost all of their stories with edits. The names have been deleted. The high proportion of doctors, nurses and dietitians who responded surprised me. Maybe because they are familiar with medicine, and they have long ago discovered the true human nature of the people in these businesses.


Featured Recipes

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Chile’s Pumpkin Nog


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