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June 2011 Printer Friendly Pdf Volume 10, Issue 6

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The McDougall Promise: You Will Achieve Success at My 10-Day Residential Program

Eight times a year between 40 and 80 people come to my residential program in Santa Rosa, California with great expectations of improved health and weight loss. For many attendees this is seen as their last hope; they have tried everything else. Having been on weight-loss programs in the past, they have suffered the constant nausea and constipation that result from eating meat, cheese, and butter-based diets (Atkins) as well as the pains of starvation from traditional dieting. And in most cases they have regained all of their lost weight. Most participants are taking a bag full of expensive pills and many have been through major surgeries. Fortunately, our attendees quickly discover that they have made a very wise decision to travel to the McDougall Program.

Because our participants want and deserve more out of life, most have made great sacrifices to be with us. Mothers and fathers are separated from their very young children for 10 days. Often a year’s worth of vacation time is used up. Our program fee (which is 1/20th the cost of heart surgery) can amount to a lifetime of savings for some. Typically one whole day is spent traveling by car, bus, and/or airplane to reach our program. Given the sacrifices our participants make, they should expect great results from the McDougall Program. And they get them.

Featured Recipes

Tofu-Garlic Dressing

Curried Tofu Dip

Stone Soup

Butch's Bean Soup


Soba Noodle Salad

Wilted Lettuce

New Potato Salad

White Mushroom Sauce

Indonesian Fried Rice


TVP Sloppy Joes

Banana-Strawberry Delight

Chocolate Fruit Fondue

Red Veggie Burgers



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