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The "Eat More Starch" Challenge
Comments on the "Why Did Steve Jobs Die?" Article
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December 2011 Printer Friendly PDF Volume 10 Issue 12

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The “Eat More Starch” Challenge:
Eat 12 Slices of Bread Daily to Lose 10
Pounds Monthly

In 1979, researchers from the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department at Michigan State University (my alma mater) reported the results from asking 16 moderately overweight college-age men to add 12 slices of white bread (at 70 calories a slice) or high-fiber bread (at 50 calories a slice) to their diet daily.1 On average, subjects eating the extra white bread lost 14 pounds (6.26 Kg) and those adding the high-fiber bread lost 19 pounds (8.77 Kg) over the next eight weeks. There was no change in their physical activity or exercise. “Thus, weight loss of both groups of subjects occurred without alteration in life-style except for the supplementation of food intake with breads,” according to these investigators. (You might want to read this entire study right now for free.)

The health of these college students also improved as reflected by the very rapid reduction in blood cholesterol levels by an average of 60 and 80 mg/dL in the first few days of eating bread. (From 223.6 to 172.3 mg/dL with the high-fiber bread addition and from 231.4 to 155.3 mg/dL on the white bread diet. The reason for a greater reduction in cholesterol on the white bread was not explained.) The students on the high-fiber bread, as expected, had more frequent and larger bowel movements than those on the white-bread diet. (If this single article had been given deserved attention the world and its inhabitants would now be in a much better condition today.)


Comments on the "Why Did Steve Jobs Die?" Article

There is so much misinformation that needs to be corrected surrounding this major celebrity’s illness and death. I believe Jobs would have wanted the truth to be told. You can help spread this vital information by sending last month’s (November 2011) newsletter article to friends and family.

1) Steve Jobs’ cancer of the pancreas was caused by exposure to environmental chemicals while working in the electronics industry when he was a teenager and a young adult. Lead (Pb), used in soldering, is one possible culprit.

2) Jobs delayed his surgery for 9 months after the initial diagnosis. Because the cancer had metastasized, he was made to believe that he killed himself by forestalling recommended treatment. However, scientific analysis proves that his cancer had actually spread almost two decades before he was diagnosed in October of 2003.

3) His lifelong vegan diet probably prolonged his life. Yet, his doctors’ prejudice for meat eating and their ignorance about human protein needs, forced Jobs to violate his philosophical beliefs—he and his family were tricked into eating animals.


Featured Recipes

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Absolutely Amazing No Queso Sauce

Cauliflower Mac and No Queso

Roasted Corn and Sugar Snap Peas

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Caramelized Onions and Toasted Pine Nuts

Roasted Potatoes and Carrots

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Marinara with Zucchini Noodles

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