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Newsweek Magazine Warns about Modern Medicine
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August 2011 Printer Friendly Pdf Volume 10 Issue 8

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Newsweek Magazine Warns about Modern Medicine

Newsweek magazine’s August cover story, “The One Word that Can Save Your Life: No!,” by Sharon Begley is a summary article about the importance of avoiding common medical tests and treatments, the same ones I have been talking to you about for the past 30 years. I am saddened when I think of the lives ruined and lost because this information has been hidden from the public by my medical colleagues, largely for motives of profit. Please read this Newsweek article now.

Stay Out of the Medical Businesses

You and your family cannot win by being familiar with doctors, drugs, and hospitals. Just like you do not want to be on a first name basis with morticians, lawyers, auto mechanics, and plumbers, you do not want a doctor as a best friend or your calendar littered with appointments to visit these professionals. An undeniable fact is that the more you see doctors, the more likely you are to be tested and treated; for better or worse. The best way to stay out of the medical businesses is to be healthy. That means you must fix the primary cause of common diseases: the rich Western diet.

I have written a series of articles that will help you understand how to work with MDs, when unavoidable. If you get routine annual physical examinations, you are looking for trouble. There is unanimous agreement by major health policy-makers worldwide that these intrusive visits do more harm than good, especially when your doctor encourages you to take “early detection” tests, such as a PSA or mammogram for cancer prevention.


Featured Recipes

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