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Two Must Read Articles Published this Past Week

A New York Times article on how the USDA and the Dairy Industry have worked together to fatten, sicken, and kill people.

While Warning About Fat, U.S. Pushes Cheese Sales
Dr. McDougall has been writing and speaking about Dairy Management Inc. since 2003. He has waged a campaign for more than three decades to inform the public of the harms of consuming cow’s milk products.

A Bloomberg Businessweek article on powerful people changing their diets to save themselves and the planet.

The Rise of the Power Vegans
Steve Wynn, Russell Simmons, Bill Clinton and a comparable cast of heavies are now using tempeh to assert their superiority. A look at what gives.

Dr. McDougall wrote a similar article in the September 2010 McDougall Newsletter (2 months ago).


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