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Early Detection Testing?

An Invitation for Bill Clinton to Attend the McDougall Program
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February 2010
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Vol. 9 Issue 2

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Early Detection Testing?
Chance of Harm Is 100%
Chance of Benefit Is < 1 in a 1000

The lifesaving benefit from the early detection of cancer is over-exaggerated and the harms are way understated. At the very most, the reward you may gain by testing will be to reduce your chance of dying from a cancer, in the far distant future, by one death for every one to two thousand examinations. But the harms caused to you begin the very moment you allow the medical testing businesses to enter your life. Common examples of early detection methods are: prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood tests for prostate cancer, mammograms for breast cancer, and colonoscopies for colon polyps and cancers. A positive result from any of these exams will be immediately followed by a biopsy in order to make the diagnosis. Simply identifying the cancer will change your life for the worse, and maybe forever.


An Invitation for Bill Clinton to Attend the McDougall Program

Dear 42nd President William Jefferson Clinton:

With all their good intentions, and the use of sophisticated, expensive technologies, your doctors are allowing your heart disease to progress as if it were a runaway train destined for a wreck. Your cardiologist, Dr. Allan Schwartz, at New York Presbyterian Hospital is telling you further blockage is the normal course of your disease, and your diet and lifestyle are not involved. Medical experts expressing their opinion in the news since your surgery are misleading the public into believing that the proper management of this disease is through constant surveillance and repeated surgical interventions. This is big business talking, and in addition to mismanagement of your personal care, one result will be an increase in the already more than one million angioplasties and 500 thousand bypass surgeries performed annually in the US.


Featured Recipes

  • BBK Soup

  • Spicy Sweet Squash Stew

  • Red Posole

  • Mexican Green Quinoa

  • Tangy Lime Cole Slaw


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