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People Passionate About Starches Are Healthy and Beautiful
Report on the February 2009 McDougall Costa Rica Adventure
Featured Recipes

March 2009

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Vol.8 Issue 3

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People Passionate About Starches Are Healthy and Beautiful

My wife, Mary, and I were enjoying steamed sweet corn (vegan) tamales with a side dish of black beans served to us at a bayside table at Guaymas Mexican/Seafood restaurant in Tiburon, a small town located a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  At an inside table next to us sat three plump women, their short sleeves revealing upper arms almost as big as my thighs. They were elegantly dressed and from their speech I knew they were well educated. During the course of our meal I watched all three of them at various times hobble with painstaking efforts from their table to the restroom and back.

A light seaward breeze carried the smells from their clams, shrimp, and vegetables—all deep-fried in fat—over our table, spoiling our meal. I looked at Mary and thought, “these women are at least a decade younger than you are and all three are physically disabled.” For what pleasure?  Food? It was all I could do to keep myself from asking them to try some of my tamale, or at least a bite of my black beans, and hand them a business card.  I looked across our table and whispered to Mary, “Thank you.” She had no idea that I was telling her how happy she made me, and that some of my happiness came from enjoying the sight of a beautiful woman radiating health.


Urgent: Support the Proposed New Law in California Requiring Doctors to Provide Patients with Information on Diabetes and Heart Disease

Patients often receive inadequate and/or incorrect information from their doctors on diabetes and heart disease. For example, on heart disease, inadequate information is received on these three important issues:

1) They are told surgery (angioplasty and bypass) for chronic coronary artery disease is usually lifesaving, when the scientific research says otherwise.

2) They receive almost no education about the role of the rich Western diet in the cause of coronary artery disease and about the right way to eat to prevent it.

3) They are rarely told that changing to a healthy, low-fat, plant-food based diet will relieve symptoms of heart disease, including chest pain, and reverse the underlying disease.


Report on the February 2009 Costa Rica Trip

We had another highly successful adventure to Costa Rica. I have provided links below for pictures and comments about this trip.

Please join us for the July 8 to 15. 2009 McDougall Adventure trip to Costa Rica. More Information is found on my web site.

Or call (800) 941-7111 or (616) 874-8155

Photos and Comments about the February 2009 adventure.


Featured Recipes

  • Chile Rellenos

  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes

  • Tofu Sour Cream

  • Mango Salsa

  • Ola’s Chile Rellenos

  • Quinoa Corn Bread

  • Balsamic Vinaigrette

  • Chilean Porotos Granados

  • Barbecue Portobello Sandwiches




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