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Salt: The Scapegoat for the Western Diet
Highlights from the July 2008 Costa Rica Adventure Trip
Featured Recipes


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August 2008

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Vol. 7 Issue 8

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Salt: The Scapegoat for the Western Diet

During my seven years of medical school and residency training, which began forty years ago, I learned two—only two—dietary lessons to share with my patients: switch from butter to margarine and reduce salt. Both pearls were supposed to save my patients from heart attacks and strokes, but neither did. The trans fats in margarine actually promote artery disease. Their dangers are so well recognized that the state of California, New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Brookline, and Montgomery County, MD have banned the use of these synthetic fats in restaurants. Remaining is only one pillar of knowledge from my basic education, “Don’t eat salt.”


Highlights from the July 2008 Costa Rica Adventure Trip

“Would I recommend this trip to any individual who just wants to have fun and visit with like-minded folks who are traveling on the same path to better health?  Yes, yes, yes!”  Geri Combs


Featured Recipes

All of the following recipes were demonstrated (and tasted!) during the McDougall Celebrity Chef Weekend in June, 2008.

  • Gazpacho Verde

  • Gazpacho Verde Salsa

  • Smoky Refried Bean Soup

  • Skillet Gardener's Pie

  • Spicy Southwestern Tofu Burgers

  • White Miso Soup

  • Chai-Spiced Oat Crepes with Grilled Mangos or Nectarines and Citrus-Almond “Ricotta” Filling

  • Citrus-Almond “Ricotta” Filling




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