The McDougall Newsletter - September 2006
  September 2006   Vol.05 Issue 9

Sugar, Coated with Myths

According to the Sugar Association, "Pure and simple, sugar is as perfect as it gets."1 Eating sugar causes immediate changes in the brain's chemistry—similar to those seen after the use of narcotics—producing heightened pleasure.2  No wonder people find sweet-tasting foods so irresistible. Of contrary opinion, one leading author believes there are 146 reasons "sugar is ruining your health."3  I like sugar, so the first message appeals to me, but I also like life and I do not want to risk my health.  So how should I act?

The Angioplasty Debacle

With heart disease you face the biggest of all the medical businesses.  In 2001, in the United States, more than one million coronary angioplasty procedures were performed at a cost of more than $30 billion, and more than 500,000 coronary bypass operations were performed at a cost of another $30 billion.1 Assume that your local general hospital derives 80% of its income from heart disease.  The average total healthcare cost after three years is $63,896 for angioplasty (compared to $84,364 for bypass surgery).2  You had best be prepared for some high pressure sales when you become involved with heart surgery—and take all the necessary time to be sure you are making a wise purchase.  My experience has been most patients are misinformed by their doctors about the real benefits and harms of the treatments offered—and all that money plays a big part in the dishonesty.

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  • Baked Mexican Pasta
  • Paella

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