November 2004   Vol. 03 Issue 11

Sick People Take Medications – Healthy People Are Drug-Free

The goal of every doctor should be to help make his or her patients drug-free by teaching them to become healthy.  Unfortunately, most doctors know only drug-therapy for patients' problems and the result is overweight and sick people carrying around bags full of prescriptions – and they are not one speck healthier or happier.  (And you wonder why so many doctors complain about the practice of medicine these days.  How would you feel if all of your projects ended in failure?)

To make matters worse, well-intentioned doctors are making their prescription decisions based upon fraudulent and incomplete information paid for by pharmaceutical companies – blind to the suffering of their customers; these businesses manipulate the research studies in order to boost sales.  You should not be surprised by this, after all, pharmaceutical companies are in the business of profiting from your sickness and, as a result of their efforts, they are considered among the most successful of all businesses worldwide.

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