Chocolate Milk - Disease in Disguise

Chocolate Milk – Disease in Disguise

Drinking white cow's milk is unpalatable for most children. As a result, the Dairy Association now actively promotes chocolate milk as "Nutrition in Disguise."
2015 Dietary Guidelines

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Are Intended to Confuse the Public and the Press

The USDA in particular is also compelled to enhance the welfare of "agribusinesses" (the producers of meat, poultry, dairy, egg, fish, and more).

Lies and Dammed Lies: Dammed Lies Harm the Public and Planet Earth

Last week's (June 23/24, 2015) "Opinion" piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association about the 2015 US Dietary Guidelines lifting the ban on total dietary fat meets my criterion for "damned lies."

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