Results of the Diet & Multiple Sclerosis Study

Our Diet & Multiple Sclerosis Study showed immediate and permanent positive changes in feelings of "well being" of patients with MS.
Star McDougaller Kim Hoffman After

Kim Hoffman: Beating MS!

By learning the right way to eat, I have my life back. I am no longer waiting for the next attack. While I still think of it daily, MS no longer consumes my life. The last question I asked Dr. McDougall was what I should do next (to help with the MS). He told me to go live my life
Rebecca: MS No Longer Controls Her Life

Rebecca Lewis: MS No Longer Controls Her Life

Rebecca Lewis: Multiple Sclerosis No Longer Controls Her Life (Video)

Karen Cooper, MSW, LICSW: “I Can’t Have MS!”

For me, this isn't all about appearance. It isn't about trying a new diet fad. It's about eating healthy and living a long life. It's about keeping both my son and I strong and healthy. It's about creating a future that will not include medications and hospitals.

Deb Tasic: Stops Multiple Sclerosis

I believe a healthy diet is the answer and from what I have seen, the scientific research backs that up. Too bad everyone doesn't know this simple truth.


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