McDougall Mastermind: The Potato

Join Dr. McDougall for a two-part lecture series on potatoes this Friday, April 2, 2021. In these all-encompassing lectures, Dr. McDougall covers everything you need to know about potatoes. Both lectures will conclude with a Q & A where Dr. McDougall will answer your specific ques

Simple Care for Diabetes

  By John McDougall,MD Imagine sitting across from your doctor and being told your blood sugar is elevated and that you now have type-2 diabetes. Next you are informed that this condition is in part due to your excess body fat and that if you lose weight your diabetes will improv

Diet and Kidney Health

By John McDougall, MD Typically a patient discovers his or her kidneys are failing by a routine laboratory blood test called a serum creatinine, which indirectly measures kidney function. (Normal creatinine depends on a person’s age and in older adults is 1.2 mg/dL or less.) Once a pr
Overkill, An avalanche of unnecessary medical care is harming patients physically and financially. What can we do about it.

Get Out of the Medical Business: A Primary Goal of the McDougall Program

Atul Gawande, a staff writer for The New Yorker and a practicing medical doctor, wrote "Overkill, An avalanche of unnecessary medical care is harming patients physically and financially. What can we do about it?"
John A. McDougall, M.D.

A Healthy Diet Will Slow and/or Stop Most Cancers. Why Not?

More than 30 years ago, I (John McDougall, MD) performed and published the first study on the dietary treatment of breast cancer. Although it was a small study circulated by an obscure journal, this was an important beginning for the current medical thinking that a healthy diet should
Dean Ornish, MD

Dean Ornish, MD: A World Changer

In my (Dr. McDougall's) opinion, Dr. Dean Ornish stands out as the most important physician/scientist* of the past quarter century for his contributions to medicine through proper human nutrition, and especially for his work on the epidemic diseases of obesity, heart disease, prostate
McDougall Program Buffet

The McDougall Program Cohort: The Largest Study of the Benefits from a Medical Dietary Intervention

The Nutrition Journal on October 14, 2014 published the results of 1,615 patients who attended the McDougall Program in Santa Rosa, California. Important Medical Findings Achieved in Seven Days from Eating the McDougall Diet...
Dr. Craig McDougall with Patient

NEW RESEARCH: Effects of 7 days on an ad libitum low-fat vegan diet: the McDougall Program cohort

A low-fat, starch-based, vegan diet eaten ad libitum for 7 days results in significant favorable changes in commonly tested biomarkers that are used to predict future risks for cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases.
John A. McDougall, M.D. & Mary McDougall

Helping Friends Understand the McDougall Diet

Once you know the benefits of a starch-based diet, you will want to share the good news with family and friends. And maybe with everyone you meet. Some people will be ready to listen and learn while others may need more education and experiences before you can open their eyes.


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