pot of gold

Diet Therapy: The Prevention and Cure of Common Diseases

For my entire medical career, spanning half a century, the pot of gold to be made from sick people has been tapped into almost exclusively by the pharmaceutical, surgical, radiation, device, screening, and hospital and healthcare provider industries. The economics are changing, fortun
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The Egg Industry: Exposing a Source of Food Poisoning

The egg industry has taken the lead in misleading the public (including physicians) about the harmful effects of eggs, which are poisonous when consumed in the high amounts typical of American diets.
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Dr. McDougall’s Color Picture Book: Food Poisoning

How to Cure It by Eating Beans, Corn, Pasta, Potatoes, Rice, etc.* After viewing this book, my 3 grandsons (ages 5, 7 & 10) easily understood why people are fat and sick, and how they become well by eating the “green light” foods and avoiding the “red light”


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