Diabetes is Easy to Cure with Our 12-Days to Dynamic Health Course

Diabetes is Easy to Cure with Our 12-Days to Dynamic Health Course The bulk of the medical community, including your current physician, readily accepts the findings that the majority of patients with type-2 diabetes are “cured” after painful and costly bariatric (obesity) surgery. (Th
Eric Adams Before and After

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams adopts a plant-based diet and the results are stunning.

We are pleased to share that Forks Over Knives has released an exciting (and FREE!) short film on Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. BP Adams had diabetes so severe that he was losing his eyesight as well as the feeling in his legs.
Fatty Foods

Dr. McDougall’s Comments on the National Headline About the March 18, 2014 Annals of Internal Medicine Article Suggesting Saturated Fat (Dairy, Meat, and Eggs) Is OK to Eat

1) I agree with the conclusion that polyunsaturated fats (fish oil) and monounsaturated fat (olive oil) are not going to prevent heart disease. They are at least fattening and most likely promote cancer. 2) However, I know that one of their main conclusions is wrong: That it is OK to

Diabetes (Adult Onset and Juvenile)

Both forms of diabetes, childhood and adult, are rare in parts of the world where people’s meals are based on starches. This rarity is easy to understand as far as adult-type diabetes is concerned, since the primary cause of that illness is the rich Western diet. Fat inhibits ac


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