Interview with Dr. McDougall on COVID-19 and more

Dr. McDougall talks about COVID-19 and Climate Change Watch Dr. McDougall as he illustrates the importance of diet as a preventative measure against COVID-19 and his optimism about reversing climate change in this recent interview with Chef AJ.

John McDougall, MD: Defend Against COVID-19

In your current tool box you have only two choices for changing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in your life: social distancing and better health through better nutrition. Conclusive evidence proves our slogan: “It’s the Food” to be the correct one when it comes to self-defense a
Dr. McDougall’s Self-help Approach to Saving Yourself from COVID-19

Dr. McDougall’s Self-Help Approach to Saving Yourself from COVID-19

VIDEO: Dr. McDougall shares his insight on the Corona Virus. Please share this message with your friends & family. Q&A session follows.


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