How to Successfully Count Calories

How to Successfully Count Calories!

With >67% of American adults overweight and >33% of them considered obese, calories are an issue because many of us struggle to maintain and/or lose weight. While we always hear about special diets, pills, supplements, etc. that will help us somehow escape the first law of thermodynam
Do You Know How Many Calories Are in The Food You Eat?

Do You Know How Many Calories Are in The Food You Eat?

The most healthful foods are those that come straight out of the garden, are consumed in their natural forms and/or are prepared as simply as possible. These foods - fresh fruits, vegetables, starchy vegetables, intact whole grains and legumes - should be the main focus of any healthf
Passive Overconsumption

Passive Overconsumption: The Unintended Intake of Excess Calories

Have you ever ended up eating more calories than you intended? There are certain properties of food that, when we eat until we are comfortably full, result in the unintended consumption of excess calories. This is called the passive overconsumption of calories.


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