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Dr. McDougall's Total Health Solution

Why is this program right for you?

Most people's efforts have been directed to losing weight with an afterthought of better health and longer life. Now you can have it all. This program is right from all viewpoints: it prevents illnesses, reverses diseases, causes you to lose the right amount of weight without ever being hungry, avoids infectious diseases (like E. coli, mad cow and bovine leukemia), conserves our natural resources and is kind to animals. Plus you can reduce your food bill by as much as 40 percent!

What's the catch?

You have to switch from a diet of primarily yellow and brown foods that taste of grease and salt to a diet of foods that have the most diverse and interesting colors, flavors, shapes and textures you could possibly imagine. This is a diet centered around starches, vegetables and fruits, with feast foods reserved for special occasions, like birthdays and Thanksgiving. To regain lost health and appearance all you have to do is enjoy oatmeal, pancakes, hash brown potatoes, and/or waffles for breakfast; fast pizza, vegetable sandwiches, burgers, salads and soups for lunch; and for dinner chow down on bean burritos, spaghetti with marinara sauce and mu shu vegetables. Desserts like peach pie and apple crisp can be part of your program too. Included in this series is:
  • A common sense program
  • Five dietary myths
  • Planning successful meals
  • Effortless weight loss
  • Eating in and out of the house
  • Keeping healthy blood vessels
  • Winning the war on cancer

DVD @ $39.95 ea.


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