The McDougall Newsletter - April 2007
  April 2007   Vol.6 Issue 04

When Your Friends Ask: Where Do You Get Your Protein

If you don't know where you get your protein while following a plant-food-based diet, you're in good company.  The Nutrition Committee of the American Heart Association, scientists from the Human Nutrition Research Center and Medical School at Tufts University, and registered dietitians, research nutritionists and physicians of Northwestern University, and the Harvard School of Public Health are just a few examples of "experts" you look to for advice who have the protein story wrong.1-4 Consequences of their shortfall are as grave as a lifetime of sickness and obesity, and premature death, for innocent people. These professionals must be held accountable.

Favorite Five: My favorite articles found in recent medical journals

  • People Don't Lose Weight on Diets Because They Cheat
  • Angioplasty Fails Again and Again (8 out of 8 times)
  • Vitamin Supplements Kill
  • Salt Restriction May Be Good for the Heart
  • Cured Meat Hurts the Lungs

Featured Recipes

  • Chili with Beans
  • Deviled Beans and Greens
  • Sherried Rice
  • Hearty Dal Soup
  • Curried Split Pea Soup
  • Quick (No-Quesa) Quesadillas
  • Basic Hummus

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