The McDougall Newsletter - November 2005
  November 2005   Vol.04 Issue 11

The Gluttony Pill—Can Scientists Successfully Imitate Nature?

The newest creation to save humanity from itself is the polypill, designed to treat the ravages of widespread gluttony. In a recent issue of the British Medical Journal, researchers claimed a combination of popular medications into one pill could slash the rate of deaths from heart attack or stroke by over 80 percent—designed for people eating a high-fat, Western-type diet and practicing a destructive lifestyle.1


Howto Help the Volume Eater—The Person with a Binge Eating Disorder

Possibly disproving my usual preaching that people following our diet always lose weight and become healthier are a few extraordinary people I call “volume eaters.”  They eat very large amounts of McDougall approved foods, and their weight remains stubbornly fixed at a point too high for excellent health—although they all lost initially after giving up the high-fat, high-calorie Western diet.  I can vividly recall several men and a few woman who exemplify this behavior—and I know there are many more out there (in fact, I am guilty of a tinge of this behavior at times myself—“it takes one to know one”).  In my experience, a “big eater” might consume 2 plates filled 2 inches high with salad, potatoes, pasta, beans, and vegetables. The volume eater will put down three to five such plates—often in less than 20 minutes—a pattern repeated for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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