July 2005

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Vol. 4, No. 7

Mary in Your Kitchen
by Mary McDougall

During the hot summer months no one wants to spend their time confined to the sizzling kitchen.  We would rather be outside enjoying the warm weather, the long daylight hours, and our family.  Here are some of my quick to prepare, and conveniently served outside on the deck, favorites.  You will find these recipes in previous newsletters. You will also find other simple meal ideas in my Quick and Easy Cookbook.

The date of the newsletter is found after the recipe name:

Spinach Dip, December 2003

Eggless Egg Salad, March 2005

Summertime Bread Salad, April 2003

Cantaloupe Summer Salad, July 2002

Israeli Couscous Salad, September 2003

Avocado and Tomato Pasta Salad, July 2002

Picnic Lentil Salad, July 2002

Macaroni Salad, June 2004

Summer Corn Chowder, July 2002

Gazpacho, May 2004 and July 2002

Reuben Sandwiches, February 2004

Frozen Fruit Smoothies, July 2003

Frozen Desserts, August 2004

Fresh Fruit Cobbler, May 2004


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