The McDougall Newsletter - January 2005
  January 2005   Vol. 04 Issue 01

Pushing Your Set Point to the Limits
The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss

The set point theory is rock solid – so accept the fact that you are stuck in your present body size and shape.  Look around – don't the body shapes of your friends and relatives remain about the same year after year?

Fortunately, there are ways out of this ambush.


Sleep Like a Baby –  Lessons from My Grandson on How to Cure Insomnia

My 12-month old grandson, Jaysen, and I (Dr. John McDougall) suffer from insomnia.  You might guess this condition is inherited.  When we can't sleep we are miserable and so are all those people around us.  Those times when his mother's warm, comforting breasts fail to lull him to sleep, Jaysen becomes energized by his mother's most perfect food – all fired up and ready to entertain his parents until the late evening hours.   Unfortunately, this is not always fun for mom and dad.  Parents long for a few peaceful hours after their children go to bed.


Help Us With Your Stories and Reviews

Contribute Your Stories to the Newest McDougall Book
Your Intestines from the Beginning
. This book is about common intestinal problems from bad breath and indigestion to constipation and colitis.  Look over the lead articles in the 2002 newsletter archives in order to help you understand the topics of this new book.  

DVD Reviews Requested
We would like to hear from more of you on our new DVDs (3 sets)
by John and Mary McDougall, Doug Lisle, PhD, and Jill Nussinow, RD.


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