The McDougall Newsletter - August 2005
  Auguzt 2005   Vol. 4 Issue 08

Beneficial Bowel Bacteria – Our Neglected Friends

My guess is the welfare of the bacteria living in our colons was not a topic for discussion at your last social gathering – but that may change. Within our intestines live trillions of organisms that are so important to our health and survival that they should be thought of as a vital organ – just like our livers or kidneys.

Favorite Five Articles from Recent Medical Journals

Cats Don't Like Sugar – They're Carnivores

Mammograms and Breast Exams Fail Women Again

Acrylamide May Not Be a Real World Cancer Risk

Diet Shown to Help Men with Prostate Cancer – Ornish Leads the Way Again

Fish Oil May Increase Heart Trouble

Mary in Your Kitchen

Eating healthy can be very easy if you plan ahead.  In our home I always make sure that I have a well-stocked pantry and refrigerator so that I am able to make some of my family's favorite meals without making a special trip to the supermarket.  These are some of the ingredients that I always have available so I can prepare a wide variety of quick and easy meals.

Featured Recipes

Fantastic Overnight Cereal

Tomato, Corn, and Bean Salad

Creamy Corn Chowder

Bean and Corn Enchiladas

Spinach Lasagna

Quick Yummy Meal

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