February  2005

Vol. 4    No. 5

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Mary In Your Kitchen
By Mary McDougall

Many of you have written to ask me if I could put together some favorite recipe suggestions.  Realizing that everyone has different tastes and time constraints, a specific menu tailored to your personal needs is nearly impossible.  My researching has provided me with a chance to rediscover some of my old favorite recipes, which I am excited to now share with you.  You will need to go to our newsletter archives at www.drmcdougall.com and occasionally to one of our books to find these recipes.  You can order books you don’t now own from our web site.  I plan to provide similar helpful articles for you over the next few months.


Easy Taco Casserole (served rolled up in a warm tortilla) - Sept. 2004
Rice & Beans in a Bowl - Quick & Easy pg. 94
Speedy International Stew (served over baked potatoes) – Quick & Easy pg. 88


Quick Black Bean Soup – April 2004
Bean & Corn Soup – Quick & Easy pg. 85
Mexi Soup – Quick & Easy pg. 75


Black Bean Chili – June 2002
Red Lentil Surprise (try with French Green lentils and Ό tsp. smoked paprika) – Sept. 2003
Spinach Buns – Quick & Easy pg.204 (don’t let the recipe name influence you-try it!)
Southwest Brown Rice – Quick & Easy pg. 100
Mexican Pasta Surprise – Sept. 2004
Pizza – June 2003
Bean Burritos – June 2003 (make extra beans for next recipe)
Bean Enchiladas – May 2003


Rainbow Salad – May 2004
Quinoa Garden Salad – Program for Women pg. 261
Thai Noodles – May 2004

(This is a little more time consuming)  

Tofu Loaf – April 2004
Mashed Potatoes – July 2004
Golden Gravy – October 2003
Grilled Portobello Mushrooms – Quick & Easy pg. 206
Steamed Fresh Vegetable
Fresh Fruit Cobbler – May 2004

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