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 August 2004

Vol. 3   No. 8   

A Cesspool of Pollutants

Manufactured chemicals permeate every tissue of every person on this planet.  The threat from these synthesized chemicals is real – even though you can’t see, taste, smell, or touch them, they can rob you of your happiness, family relationships, intelligence, and years of productive life.  Two reasons we sometimes fail to make the connection between these manufactured pollutants and disease are: their effects are insidious, taking years to reveal their damage; and not everyone is equally susceptible to injury – genetic strengths and weaknesses determine to a large part whether you will be harmed. 

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High Carb Diet Linked to Breast Cancer – More Deceit

Friday’s (August 6, 2004) newspapers worldwide scared some people into believing there is further reason to follow the low-carb diet craze, with headlines like, “High carb diet linked to breast cancer – Study finds Mexican women who ate lots of carbohydrates twice as likely to get disease” (San Francisco Chronicle).  According to this newspaper article, these women from Mexico City were getting their main carbohydrates from tortillas, soft drinks, and bread.  You might think it is time to change your diet – as far away from what McDougall recommends as possible.  Now is not the time for people to make the switch to Atkins or South Beach to save their breasts, but rather now is the time to sort out the undeniable truth.

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My Favorite Five Articles Found in Recent Medical Journals

  • Soy Supplements Fail to Benefit Bones, Brain or Heart
  • Western Diet As the Cause of Schizophrenia and Depression
  • Cinnamon Spice Benefits Blood Sugar and Cholesterol
  • Folic Acid Supplements Cause More Heart Disease
  • Don’t Take Plavix and Aspirin Together
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Highlights of Costa Rica Adventure 2004

Over the week of July 24 to July 31 we had the opportunity to entertain 72 people in the adventurous ecological setting of the northwest coast of Costa Rica (Guanacaste Region).

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Featured Recipes

  • Coffee Substitutes
  • Tortillas
  • Scrambled Tofu
  • Salad Dressings
  • Frozen Desserts

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