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 May 2004

Vol. 3   No. 5   


The Atkins Scientific Research

 – Deceit and Disappointment


Atkins has funded sufficient research to persuade doctors, media personalities (like Neal Cavuto of Fox News Channel), and as many as 15% of the population of the USA, to believe that eating pork rinds, fried cheese, and lobster dripping in butter is good for body, heart, and soul...

Complete article here

Favorite Five For Children
My favorite 5 articles found in my medical journals this past month (with a focus on children this month) are:
  • Get the Coke© Out of Schools

  • Child Abuse from the Dinner Table

  • Bottle-feeding Kills Babies

  • Soon Children Will Be on Blood Pressure Pills

  • Food Additives Do Affect Your Child’s Behavior
Complete Article Here

Highlights of the May 14-16 McDougall Advanced Study Weekend
More than 90 people joined us for a weekend punctuated by high spirits, friendship fabulous food, and mind-expanding education.  The purpose of the “Advanced Study” weekend is to explore new ideas about diet/lifestyle and your health – bringing in fresh speakers with challenging points of view.
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Featured Recipes
  • East West Breakfast
  • Gazpacho
  • Rainbow Salad
  • Thai Noodles
  • Fresh Fruit Cobbler

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