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 January 2004

Vol. 3   No. 1  

Protein Overload

Muscle, vitality, strength, power, energy, vigor, aggressiveness, and liveliness are words that come to mind when people think of the benefits of protein in their diet.  The truth is quite the opposite.  Bone loss, osteoporisis, kidney damage, kidney stones, immune dysfunction, arthritis, cancer promotion, low-energy, and overall poor health are the real consequences from overemphasizing protein.  Protein serves as raw material to build tissues.  Without sufficient protein from your diet, your body would be in trouble – but, aside from starvation, this never happens.   Yes, a little protein is good, but more is not better.

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Could Mad Cow Disease Already be Killing Thousands of Americans Every Year?

October 2001, 34-year-old Washington State native Peter Putnam started losing his mind. One month he was delivering a keynote business address, the next he couldn't form a complete sentence. Once athletic, soon he couldn't walk. Then he couldn't eat. After a brain biopsy showed it was Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, his doctor could no longer offer any hope. "Just take him home and love him," the doctor counseled his family.[1,2,3] Peter's tragic death, October 2002, may have been caused by
Mad Cow disease.
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Favorite 5
My favorite 5 articles found from my medical journals from this past month are:
  • Mammography Is Fraud Promoted by Industry and Governments
  • High Carbohydrate* Diet Causes Effortless Weight Loss
  • Formula (Bottle) Feeding Causes Infant Brain Damage
  • Cow’s Milk Causes Multiple Sclerosis
  • Hot Tubs Are Safe for People with High Blood Pressure

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Introductory Weekend Report

Sixty people traveled – some more than 3500 miles – from as far away as Alaska, Georgia, and Pennsylvania – to discover the excitement of the McDougall Program during the weekend of January 23 to 25, 2004.  Possibly the biggest surprise for them was to have John and Mary McDougall with them all weekend – why would the McDougalls miss the fun, the pleasure of meeting nice people, and the great meals?

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